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Teatree Icons & Graphics Studio

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to look through my journal and memories for examples of what I make; you can friend this journal if you like what you see. All icons and graphics are made by larkspurlazuli. There are only a few rules if you’d like to use my icons or graphics:

-Please leave a comment when you take an icon telling me which one you are using; I appreciate the feedback on which ones are liked.
-Please credit teatree_icons in the keyword or comment of the icon.
-Don’t hotlink the image; it’s disrespectful. Photobucket.com provides free image hosting if you need it.
-Please don't modify icons unless they are labeled bases or you are given permission.

I make primarily icons but occasionally I will put together desktops or livejournal headers. Keep an eye out!

Icon Subjects
I make mostly Christian and stock photography icons, with a good dose of randomness thrown in. All posts are archived in memories; you may want to browse through there or browse tags to see what kinds of icons I've done. My interests also describe the icons and graphics I've made.

I love taking requests; when I am open to requests I'll post about it. If you have a special request, please feel free to ask.

- Total icon count: 229
- Total other graphics: 13
- Graphic resources
- My icon awards

I also serve as a moderator at the Christian icontest affirming_faith.


Head over here if you're interested in affiliating.